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Thread: Check These

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    Check These

    Hi, Im Pandora. Im a friend of PivotMasterCF in real life. He ranked around med Beginner. I don't have gif files up yet because Pivot 2 saves them at a slow frame rate, I need to wait til I get pivot 3 so they can save at the correct speed.

    Blast test
    Piv file

    Hat test
    Piv File

    Piv file

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    Re: Check These

    On the hat test, it was alright, but the hat was shaky, it was pretty basic also.

    The beam test, you should give credits to the people who made the stk's mirite, PivotmasterCf made that base you used in both the animations. Anyways, it was alright, but it was really stiff, you should try to move all the joints every frame, or at least move most of them

    The head spin was completely plain, and barely had any movement..so no rating there

    I say Low beginner
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    Re: Check These

    I like the hat one, so damn weird, but funny. I think what you should do is make a remake once you get better and learn your easing and basics that would be awesome.
    Like Tank said you need to work on stiffness, fixing stiffness in animations make them a lot better (of course lol). (Not that nine are completely fixed of stiffness (not even close xD))

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