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    Begginer pivot - Physics


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    Re: Begginer pivot - Physics

    I like the animation, the physics are pretty bad. i say low-beginner. why? because your animation is stiff, uneased and doesn't have a good flow. But i'll tell you this... i was as bad as you when i started :3

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    Re: Begginer pivot - Physics

    ^^^ Ouch! That must have came out wrong... Please don't take that one wrong, he was probably meaning to say: It was a good start, but he had the same problems. Your guys were very stiff and reactions were off, you need to work on those.
    This is what I say: It was great man! There were a lot of off things in it but very cool. You do need to work on all the things stated above though... Hopefully I kinda translated right, because I can see those statements making someone feel bad.
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