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    Hello from InfiniteLives95

    Hello, i used to have another account but i forgot my pass. here are some of my new animations

    Gone Insane from being in a small box with checkers in it

    Skate test

    Ball Grav test

    Punching Bag

    Hoverboard (Choppy)


    Boxor Attack



    Punch test

    Smooth Kick

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    Re: Hello from InfiniteLives95

    Welcome to the site. First off the animation is good but it needs work. U need to learn spacing, u need to ease, and the animation was also stiff. Other than that it was pretty good. Go check out some tuts and you'll know exactly what I'm talking about


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    Re: Hello from InfiniteLives95

    Very nice! I like those animations, for being new I think you are already off too a good start. Anyways Where you need to focus on is moving every joint in every frame so that it doesn't look like we are watching a piece of wood move around, but rather a human-resembling stick figure with active joints. Another thing you have to work on is positions, because sometimes he is in very unrealistic positions that a real person (or stick-figure) wouldn't or shouldn't be able to accomplish, a good way to do this is have what I call a live-leg, it means either all of his weight is either on one or the other leg, or its distributed evenly. I noticed that your physics are lacking the magic that turn decent animations into amazing animations, physics is literally an endless topic so I will just tell you what it includes:

    Gravity- What goes up must come down.

    Acceleration- The rate an object speeds up.

    Force- The faster and denser the object is, the harder the reaction.

    Just focus on those and you will be a thriving animator in no time!
    Over-all I think it's low-beginner.


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