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Thread: what em i?

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    Right here.
    Well u are a beginner..:P
    Work on walking.. Smoothness, and use time on your animations.. =)

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    what type of begginer????

    be spacific PLZ

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    Alright here we go...
    Use new stks, default and man don't look good in animations most of the time.
    Yeah and here's a little lesson.

    There is no type of beginner.

    Here are the ranks in most peoples terms.

    1. New-Comer (n00b, noob, knob, nub, newb)
    You recently got pivot and are probably not good at it. You have a long way to go.
    2. Beginner (Yay, now we're in the ranks where you aren't ridiculed as much!)
    You may have recently downloaded pivot and are decent at it.
    3. Intermediate (There are no double letters in that word.)
    Yay, now you officially know that you rock at pivot. Woo!
    4. Veteran (Vet)
    The best animators. Ever.

    And here is DD's system.

    1. Beginner (New-Comer and Beginner Spliced together.)
    Don't be ashamed if you are a good animator and are still here. It takes a long while until you make inter.
    2. Intermediate (Everyone spells this word wrong...)
    Yeah woo! You are a very good animator. Here's the bad news, you're stuck in the middle. At least you have skills! : D
    3. Veteran (Ownage)
    You absolutely own everything that there is to own. Except these guys....
    4. Super Duper Uber Leet Elite Lolerz Pwn Group (Elite Zone)
    You are THE BEST of THE BEST. The word "veteran" can't even come close to describing you! Give yourself a nice pat on the back.

    So yeah, all I really have to say is work on movements. Your guys stay still when they are going through the air and stuff. Keep it up.

    Animations - Do not Click Me - And Me Neither
    You have good sight, or good ctrl+c, ctrl+v skills. Also your computer might be set to %500 magnification.

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    Your definatlly beginner almost noobish. Jsut work on smoothness and ull be fine


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