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    [Regenoration] Animation Thread

    Regen's Animation's Please Rank
    I Know My Animations Are Shiff Just Give Me Time I Will Improve


    My Anims
    Gif- Default Punch Piv- Default Punch
    Gif- Default Run Piv- Default Run [Credz to YWR]
    Gif- KARATE!!?!?!? Piv- KARATE!!?!?!? :P Stiff LOL
    GIF- Punch Test Piv- Punch Test
    GIF- Ease Test
    GIF- Run (No Piv I Deleted Sowwy)

    Tutoring [all animations here have big credz to Mr.Frame From P_F]
    Gif- Running Piv- Running

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    Re: [Regenoration] Animation Thread

    Med beg - Like me xD
    [center:137tnrlc]Yours, FatalPivot

    ^Click me, for my thread (:^

    Midnite rave!

    Quote Originally Posted by Bolt
    Im so pivot, I shit segments.

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    Re: [Regenoration] Animation Thread

    i would say med beg
    i see you have learned the basics
    when the guy(s) punch they ar just stood there wich is unrealistic
    they should wallk forward or something
    ease some more but not too much

    keep it up


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