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    Again, an inglorious return.

    Just trying to do stuff again.
    This one is my first, after 3 months of inactivity. I will try to continue this one.

    http://img138.imageshack.us/i/jebudu.gif/ - Not Named Yet.
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    Lenght - 49 frames at the moment.
    Probably the first time I animated getting up, that's why it's so lame.

    Will appreciate CC.

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    Re: Again, an inglorious return.

    The animation had a lot of potential, it was very original. I didn't see many flaws. The foot placement could have used some work, and for some reason it was really slow but other then that, it as really fascinating. Your about med beginner, great work.

    e: Courtesy returned

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    Re: Again, an inglorious return.

    Med Beg.... work on foot placement
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    Re: Again, an inglorious return.

    Not bad, nice idea , but it was pretty stiff.
    Move every joint in every frame, it also was pretty uneased, use more easing and space smaller.
    The first action ( that thing with the stick or whatever that brown thing is ) was WAY to fast, i couldnt even see what happened.
    I'll say med Beginner but im not sure... more like low-med beginner , because you dont ease enough.


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