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    Hello..just begun using pivot.

    Hey people, can anyone how to use Pivot? My pivot is always not smooth! -crazy- [/quote]

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    Wellcome to DD.

    To host your animation (so people can actually see it :P) go to http://www.imageshack.us, then go to browse then select the animation you want to host. (the animation must be a gif I'll tell you how to save gifs in a bit) then double click the animation and click update. Then when the page loads again highlight the link that is next to the 'direct link to image' then copy and paste it in to your message here.

    To save your pivot animations as a gif, click save as then where it says file type, click the arrow and you should get 2 options (piv and gif) click giv then click save. Then all these settings will come up, change the frame shrink size to 2, the frame rate to 6 and uncheck the merge button.

    Hope this helps ))(* also your only supposed to make 1 animation topic (im just telling you) Don't spam or bump old topics (post in topis that are over a week old) or flame.



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