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    TehSokz's Thread

    Welcome to my thread! Check back often for New Animations!

    Current Ranks:

    YouTube[Med/High Beginner]
    PA (No longer active) [High Beginner]
    DarkDemon [Not Decided]

    Only two animations for now, will work on more soon, haven't animated in MONTHS, so i have mega rust. :c

    Running Test (Center-origin)

    Easing Test (Cut off at bottom so DD will accept)

    Check back soon!
    Bawb [TehSokz]
    Thread: viewtopic.php?f=2&t=72903
    YouTube: www.youtube.com/tehsokz
    NewGrounds: www.xBawb.newgrounds.com

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    Re: TehSokz's Thread

    yeah i can see the rust as you mentioned on msn
    you only did 1 step
    to prevent crappyness do 2 steps (since its a detailed stick)
    i cant realy rank on 1 animation
    put more up please

    Edit(for new anis) :
    the run was WAY to shaky and the was no flow
    the other thing was well animated but lacked speed

    heres an example of a run that i made


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