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    Oct 2009

    Is this High Beg material

    Now Be4 U say that I stole this animation i didnt...I Just copied it...not frame by frame...but i looked at it for a little while and copied it! ^^
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    May 2009

    Re: Is this High Beg material

    No, its not High Begginer.

    Work on shakiness and abit of foot placement, Also try to ease the flip abit more and add some more physics to make it look more realistic. Probably Low Begginer.

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    Nov 2009

    Re: Is this High Beg material

    sorry, not high beg, maybe low med. you need to work on stiffness. you should try to move every joint in each frame, also work on flow, dont make it stop n' go last thing is physics, he wouldnt stop in the air like that.You have potentioul though, and you will get high beg.

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