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    2 smooth animations!

    Zombie Eating A Human
    Pivot Punch test
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    Re: 2 smooth animations!

    Okay i'm going to be nice with ya....well actually no, they aren't really good, lack easing, flow and are stiffer than nail. Instead of me cluttering up your thread with an entire tutorial on how to do these things I suggest you visiting this. it has the essentials of what you should cover in animating which in this case is the basics first, then work your way up and EASE.

    low-beginner. have a nice day.

    *You must be prepared for harsh critique. What I offer is in sight on what you should of done and you may get a offended, but you must understand if you can't take the heat get out of the kitchen of art.

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    Re: 2 smooth animations!

    thats very bad...um...dont want to be mean but
    not even low beginner?


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