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    My first animation submitted to darkdemon.org :)

    [attachment=0:30ei32u0]cannon.gif[/attachment:30ei32u0]Hope you like it!
    I'm looking to do really good on darkdemon.org, and have some fun making animations, I really like pivot so far.

    I'm hoping to eventually become one of the top pivoters here.
    (i know this one is not too good, and i can make much better later on D
    I just want to know if my abilities are good or not at the moment.
    like beginner or intermediate, i can already tell this isnt veteran.
    but anyway, id like someone to tell me, comment on it when u can

    And please rate my animations out of 10.

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    Re: My first animation submitted to darkdemon.org :)

    Don't triple post, the edit button is your friend.

    Welcome to the Forums.

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    Thanks barium for avatar

    Re: My first animation submitted to darkdemon.org :)

    Well that is begginer
    low beginner sorry

    If you notice when he is flying you just move the orange dot witch makes it stiff
    every joint should move every frame
    Also it was choppy witch mean that you spaced the stick to far away from the last frame
    Also it needs easing witch is taking each joint and easing it,
    Pretend | s a frame and - is a joints movement
    See how it speeds uop then slows down it just dosnt start or stop suddenly this is how we move in real life
    wave your arm a bit and see
    Also it was shaky witch means this happened
    it should look like this
    its also an easing example :P

    Well welcome to dd ad keep practicing cuz youll get there


    Credits to me for the poem,
    and heather for making the signature.

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    Re: My first animation submitted to darkdemon.org :)

    Welcome to the forum.

    You have a big ass objective here, that's cool, it will help you to progress. ^^

    So, notice the advice of PumpkinKing for the easing and stiffness problems.
    (move every joints every frames, and moderate spacing) ps : witch ? which

    You're low beginner, but you need to watch tutorials to learn the basics (here is the best for it)

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    Re: My first animation submitted to darkdemon.org :)

    Low beg work on stiffness
    Sig madeSig made by Empire


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