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    Am I ready for interz

    Its a collection of all My Anims Please Enjoy, then rank and give me comments


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    Re: Am I ready for interz

    I don't think that you can be inter yet .
    your animations have good effects and stuff but it is still stiff sometimes.
    nevertheless the last animation on the video (your newest i think) was close to hight begginer according to me.
    But as there are animations from differents levels we don't know what is your current rank.
    Keep animating and we gonna tell you what rank you are realy.

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    Re: Am I ready for interz

    High Beg... Work on stifness
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    Re: Am I ready for interz

    These are very stiff and uneased to be honest

    Spend more time on each frame and move every joint in each frame, even if it is the TINIEST movement. It'll prevent stiffness and make your animations not come to a sudden stop.
    Another thing, If you wish to move up in rank faster, I would avoid using stk's from droidz, just use your own.
    Keep it up bro, I'm pretty sure you'll get Interz in no time.

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