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Thread: What rank am I?

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    What rank am I?

    How can I find out my rank, and if nowhere, then rank this video!
    The file would be attached, but it says, "The extension piv is not allowed." What can I do to attach it? Okay, bye guys.

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    Re: What rank am I?

    First of all, welcome to DD! The animation is a bit choppy some places, and stiff. You should use PivotUp(dot)com to upload the gif. Use YouTube for longer animations. Try to flow your animations, and ease. You are around border-med beg.

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    Re: What rank am I?

    Actually, you cant see your rank. Put a poll, so that people can vote. That way you can see
    how you are being rated and if the rating is good you can ask an administrator to make you inter.
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    Re: What rank am I?

    You asked me how to put your animation on your post?

    1, Save the animation as a .gif file
    2, Go to pivotup.com
    3, Select the file you want to upload
    4, Upload it
    5, Copy the URL it gives you
    6, In the post you must type [img]URL%20Here[/img]
    7, Save the post and wala!

    Animation a bit choppy and stiff. Low-Med begginer... Read darrens tutorial. It can be found in the tutorial section of this website.

    Edit: And if you did not know how to put a poll on your thread,

    1, Edit your post at top
    2, Go down to tha bottom of tha post page there should be some tick boxes
    3, Click on poll creation
    4, Type in the ranks
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