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    what rank am i? ineter or beg?

    Please rank the following animations:
    This is my first animation in a long long time, about a year, but i think its aight, borderline inter? inter? really i wouldent be able to tell if it was vet or somthing, but thats why your here to help me rite?
    My rating(6.7/10)


    Please leave somthing with some cc, and ill give you courts if you ask.
    interesting, breaking the rust, id give this ay, uh. 5/10 on my scale working on blurs, cam, etc.


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    Re: what rank am i? ineter or beg?

    It flowed rather nicely. It just bothered me that the feet were cut off. Not sure about your rank... I'm new to all this.


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    Re: what rank am i? ineter or beg?

    there's not enough movements in there for me to rank but i think it would be High-Med Beginner,the bottom animation was good but the ground shook too much down the top is alright but it needs to be eased more

    I SHALL SEEK VENGEANCE......*nods*

    I used to be Inters, then School came, got rusty as hell, now I'm high beginner.

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    Re: what rank am i? ineter or beg?

    Hey dude!

    The animation on top is great! It flows together rather well, but there aren't enough movements for people to properly rank the animation any higher that med beg... Now with that out of the way... You have easing down pat so I'm not going to have to explain it... You've also applied it to the right areas... Unfortunately some of the movements are a bit too fast... Even for some of the things that were being spaced heavier! You've done well enough with moving every joint of the stick man in every frame... But that has sort of lead to some shakiness in certain areas of the stickman... Take for instance the head at the final kick... See how it's all jerky and jumps around? That's a slight problem that can easily be resolved by thoroughly editing the frames of that animation in particular...
    Just a little hint as well... You should make the newest animation between [img] tags... Makes it much better for the people coming into your thread...

    Overall around Med-High Beginner!

    Courtesy returned!


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