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    Junior Member iWill's Avatar
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    Jan 2010

    Will's Beginning Thread

    I Was to bored to work on something that actually had meaning. lol

    plz give tips. im new to darkdemon.
    and my goal is to rise my rank to interz.
    Trust me, I'm working on my skills based on the tips u give me. I hope you see progress in my work.
    and make sure u vote for what rank i am!

    This is my stk. i may change it overtime.
    (btw, this animation took 5-10 minutes)

    I dont Have a name for this one. it took me 2 hours to do. i made all stks in it.

    If Only The Strong Survive, Then The Weak Should Leave An Impression While They Can"

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    Enthusiast Domination's Avatar
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    Oct 2009
    In your pants!!!

    Re: Will's Beginning Thread

    pretty good
    work on stifness and choppiness, but the rest was ok just work on it
    Courtesy Horsey?

    Give roflcopter a second chance.

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    Regular Member Dartz's Avatar
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    Oct 2009
    Nue Yawk Citeh.

    Re: Will's Beginning Thread

    Your animations are too short to actually tell what rank you are, but the "blocked" one at the top was pretty dam good . Anyways make a slightly longer animations so I can clearly understand your true potential... But from what i see I think its about med beginner?

    Curtz Returnified.


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