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    joy's animations (ignore the one below, there was a bug)

    SUNOHC: edit: I was helping my little sister post and I guess my id was logged on I posted her thread iwth my id. sorry

    i'm 10 and i'm a girl.
    I'm sunohc's little sister.
    here are some of my animations.
    he helped me with the layout and the posting stuff
    This is a "collab " I did with my older sister who's 11.
    We were on the same computer and we passed the mouse back and forth,
    I did most of it. But my brother did not help me at all.
    JoyGrace Collab

    Image Link
    Portal: Click Here

    Some more old stuff will be put on later.

    [sunohc says]
    You don;t animate anymore because you like solitaire more . ^^
    Sorry guys haha.

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    hahhaa. good job juhee. why dont u still animate?and you probably won;t even read this or you'llread this with me so it doens;t matter haha

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    hey, nice work, except some of the moves looked a little awkward.
    but damn good, keep at it.
    =my animations=

    Waiting for the next ddc to show up.


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