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    Purple Jam's thread

    Hello I'm Jam.
    screw the polls just say low,med, high based on your opinion of my work

    choppy near the end i got lazy
    Combo Test30 frames

    Please don't rank the kick i just needed to throw another thing in for a combo
    Punch Test 10 frames

    I know it's a bit fast just watch it a few times then rate. I call gif rape
    Kick Test

    Testing out my new stick i just made.I call him Ralph **

    Thanks to -NC- for smoke sticks

    A little

    Knife Toss

    My first animation WOOT WOOT!!

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    Re: Purple Jam's thread

    in the skateboarding animation, the physics are a bit off (too heavey gravity), and there is stiffness in the entire character's stick. on the kick, instead of bringing the arms up, try bringing them forward. i am glad you are animating stuff like explosions (it's good for the soul).

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