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Thread: thread.

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    im digital.

    you: OH HAI DIGI-

    me: STFU

    you: sorry.

    me: anyway im digital and i want to say that I DONT GO ON DD ON A REGULAR BASIS. im way more active on youtube so if you want to contact me your gunna have to youtube pm me.

    so i figured i should put some anis on here since i got an account on dd in january. here is one im sending off to be checked for interz:

    im not totally satisfied with the end kick but its still pretty cool.

    ill put more shit on here tomorrow.

    subscribe to my yt or ill rape your grandma.


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    Re: thread.

    Checked for interz? You're closer to medium beginner.
    What you need to work on is stiffness. Move all the joints in each frame-
    if you get lazy, and let some segments stay still, it will look stiff.

    And the run is pretty awful. Read some tutorials, practice, etc.

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    Re: thread.

    runs stiffy the kick at the end is the best part of the animation

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    Re: thread.

    you cocky assholes. you're both still beginner,and think your better than me. LOL.


    that tutorial will show you that stiffness is useful because of the human flow of everything.

    also the person who ranked me said it was almost borderline interz.

    im sick and tired of beginners that think that easing is the answer to all there problems. so shut the fuck up.


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