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    New, please help me

    How do i post an animation...
    I've only just joined, cud any1 give me the basics to pivot aswell?

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    Wrong section, this should be in the help center.
    And to post animations you save your animation click the dropdown menu for filetype > GIF > Uncheck merge and crop, set frame delay to 6, and shrink frames by 1/2 for best results. Now comes the hosting part: host to a file hosting site,
    you can go with imageshack.us which doesnt require login
    or filenuke.com created by darkdemon himself with more organization and a log of your uploaded files...

    So just upload your animation to the hoster copy the link and post it in BEGINNER zone, make 1 thread and only ONE thread for your animations, update the first post for every new animation. If you dont understand, look at other peoples threads and you'll see how it works. Yes this is a long list but you'll get used to it.

    By the way, a large list of pivot tutorials noob and higher can be found here:



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