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  • Low beg, youve gottabe kidden me

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  • Med beg, hmm not really what I see

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  • Med-High beg, some people say I am this rank, I guess it okay

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  • High beg, yes i suppose

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  • Borderz, i dont think i'm there yet but I might be

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  • Interz, Whao, not yet!!

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Thread: What rank am I?

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    Jan 2010

    What rank am I?

    What rank am I at the moment?, here are my best anims so far ^_^(In .piv format only)

    Going in random order

    Joint(my part): http://pivotup.com/files/kayhxe28.piv (pivot 3.0 BETA)

    Game:http: http://pivotup.com/files/zmlsaxi7.piv (pivot 2.2.5)

    Rock(I think this got me High begz before but I aint sure): http://pivotup.com/files/ur5d6l17.piv (pivot 3.0 BETA)

    Cannon(The stk is supposed to stay till when the arm is moving): http://pivotup.com/files/shpfnw59.piv (pivot 2.2.5)

    Please comment and vote at the poll above thanks!

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    Re: What rank am I?

    I love that pic. What is it anyway a demon?

    [center:19obwa93]Click on the pic for thread[/center:19obwa93]


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