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    Develyn Animation. Smoothness.

    [center:39pgfe1r]Hot dayum, I got myself a thread.

    Been ages since I animated, so I decided I'd start with something easy.
    A kick, the wobble at the end is because I am continuing it atm.

    CC appreciated. You could look, so you can comment.[/center:39pgfe1r]

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    Re: Develyn Animation. Smoothness.

    I like it, the stick moves right in my eyes, doesn't seem awquard in anyway, unfortunatly I'm not good at spotting faults, so I'll just say it was good and the background was a nice addition to it rather than it being plain and boring.

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    Re: Develyn Animation. Smoothness.

    Nice smoothness Med beg. Ill rank you higher when you realease more animations..
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