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Thread: My Animation

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    My Animation

    Beginner animations hope u like em i started pivot a week ago
    http://**********.com/img/1270514935.gif First ever pivot fight
    http://**********.com/img/1270533422.gif 2nd pivot fight
    http://**********.com/img/1270606376.gif 3rd pivot fight
    http://**********.com/img/1270614045.gif 4th pivot fight
    http://**********.com/img/1270752096.gif 33 fps test

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    Re: My Animation


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    Re: My Animation

    you need to work on our movement because it looks choppy, and you should also work on flow.
    Also, you should make sure both stickmen are moving, try moving all the joints for every frame.


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    Re: My Animation

    Your animations need alot to work on, they are very choppey, uneased, and stiff. But You can fix it!!!

    First of all you need to make sure you move every single joint of the stickman during every frame.

    Second thing you need to do is easing which makes your animations a whole lot better. First I will show you a bad example of easing and then I will show you a good example.

    Bad example

    Ok, look, in this animation it is uneased and this is what you are doing. Instead you should do this. When you are starting off a movement make it slow, but then after each frame make bigger and bigger movements, and then end with small again. This is what it should look like. - stands for movement, and | stands for a change in frame. |-|--|---|-----|---|--|-| . And that is the easing method, it should come out looking like this.

    That is the right way, but the arm is still stiff, so now try to make it smooth by moving each joint of the arm during each frame. It should come out looking like this.

    Well I hoped this helped you, and that you will become a good animator soon.
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