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Thread: My Threadd

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    My Threadd

    Ichigo vs Grimmjow (incomplete) Creds De8 and VizardOblivion

    Goku vs Broly(incomplete) Creds Mighty

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    Re: My Threadd

    Nice, nice. You need to turn the frame rate up just a bit, and work on easing and spacing etc. The best tutorial you can get, other than meeting up with jon or bert is HERE. Darren's tutorial has quite litarally got every thing you need to become a pivot elite. Good effects and ideas, just try to finish stuff, even if it means that your thread dosnt get updated every day etc.
    [center:bih49sk0]Peter Bone | Youtube | Darrens tutorial | Droidz
    thanks heather
    Pic+click=thread. Courtesy?(That means since i commented on your thread, comment on mine!)[/center:bih49sk0]

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    Re: My Threadd

    You have some really good effects
    and trails but the animation i
    general is pretty choppy,
    otherwise keep up the great work.


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