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Thread: Rank please

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    Rank please

    I would say med begginer
    Splinter cell Conviction FTW!!!

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    Re: Rank please

    Well I can't really rank it due to the lack of movements, but for the movements that were there, than yes med beginner.

    Good job on it, though you need to get into the habit of moving every joint in every frame. You also need to learn the right spacing techniques and easing.
    It looked like you kept the same spacing throughout the whole animation, when your doing combo's like this, you need to make the spacing fast and than ease the attacks. Different movements determine what spacing you should do, for instance: for a walk he would move slowly, so the spacing would be small. For a run he would move fast, so you would make the spacing large.
    Anyway good work so far, I'm just trying to give you some tips on how to improve ;D.
    Check out some tutorials as well, learn more about movements and how to do them. Keep it up!


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