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    How do I get ranked up on darkdemon

    I really wanna know
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    Re: How do I get ranked up on darkdemon

    You've got to post this in Beginner's Hall one or two, where the Rank Team and staff decide if you can go up to intermediates and so forth.

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    Re: How do I get ranked up on darkdemon

    Well firstly you start off in beginners hall 1 or 2. To get ranked up, you got to get good at all the basics, this includes: Smoothness, Physics, Easing, Spacing etc. Take people's advices in your thread, and keep learning from it. Once you get good enough, the staff will move you up to inters.

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    Re: How do I get ranked up on darkdemon

    If I get ranked up, how will I know
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    Re: How do I get ranked up on darkdemon

    We'll move you from the beginner's hall to the intermediate hall. But firstly, you need a thread there. I'll go ahead and move this one. When you seem worthy of intermediate the staff will move you up.
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