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    PivSage2.0 Animations (New Kid In Town)


    Ive tried out pivot for a bit and thought i should get other peoples opinion
    so what do u think?

    Reply ASAP

    My name is......OK lets cut to the chase.. i have pivots..you have pivots..u comment and i will comment caphice

    Kingdom hearts

    Snobow Kids

    I'll start with this..you should know i make my own stks so if u want some ask me

    Fox and Falco

    Not finished..comment plz so i can make it better b4 i finish it

    i read a post from some guy named mouseman said i should ease more and work on stiffness..ok so while i do that watch this piv and comment...is it better?

    clik da link not the pic

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    Re: PivSage2.0 Animations (New Kid In Town)

    i like it lots, good spacing easing etc etc. could you post a couple more anis?
    [center:bih49sk0]Peter Bone | Youtube | Darrens tutorial | Droidz
    thanks heather
    Pic+click=thread. Courtesy?(That means since i commented on your thread, comment on mine!)[/center:bih49sk0]

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    Re: PivSage2.0 Animations (New Kid In Town)

    I disagree with the last reply.
    i think you need to wrok alot on easing.
    every single movement should be eased.
    thast what i think.
    And also i think you need to work on stiffness.
    To get ris of stiffness, try moveing every joint possible, iven if its just 1, or 2 pixels.
    it counts.
    TRUST me.
    courtzz returned.

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    Re: PivSage2.0 Animations (New Kid In Town)

    Watch the post dates mouseman.


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