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    Old Newbie bradym67's Avatar
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    Mar 2010

    New guy: What rank am I?

    These are just a couple of pivots that I made. I'm working on a kinda of long pivot called "Revenge". I'll try to finish it ASAP.

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    Dedicated Member Shifter's Avatar
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    Apr 2010
    Credits to Heather for the Avatar!

    Re: New guy: What rank am I?

    very nice,just a bit stiff. hoping to see more!

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    Regular Member Susej's Avatar
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    Feb 2007

    Re: New guy: What rank am I?

    Very smooth, i can tell you have just started. Its all a little unrealistic, but great for your first animations.
    Super super smooth, it seems you have the concept of easing down already. A lot of people, including myself, still can't keep it in continuation throughout an animation. Great working, the physics are a bit off, but keep it up!

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    Feb 2010

    Re: New guy: What rank am I?

    extermely smooth but a bit unrealistic
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    Dedicated Member Fuel's Avatar

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    Dec 2009

    Re: New guy: What rank am I?

    As everyone else said,you've got easing down,good job!
    Now,you need to work on removing stiffness by moving the upper back more often,it looks like you're only moving the lower back.
    During a run,the upper back should react to each step like the lower back.
    And remember,don't over-ease,it will result in powerless animations.
    Good luck with animating!
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    Dedicated Member AustinZilla's Avatar
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    Re: New guy: What rank am I?

    Your doing a great job so far, you've got easing all taken care of, but I'd say you should really work on your movements.
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    Sep 2009
    New York

    Re: New guy: What rank am I?

    There really smooth, but stiff a bit. I can't find many flaws. Good job!

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