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Thread: im new

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    up your arse

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    work on smoothness and physics. Also look at some tuts.

    Also are you anditheandi? he was on here awhile ago and got banned and you have similaer names so im putting 2 and 2 together......I'm just asking.


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    The animations are ok, but I can tell that you are new to pivot. If you need some help with stuff, the best place to go is [X] (Click on the X). That is the Pivot Tutorial Master LIst. It has a lot of tutorials listed that will help you get better. I would say to basically work on realistic movements and your choppyness. Try to do the moves on your own and try to not make the spack between movements so big.

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    Yeah, I suggest going to the tutorials too. Practice a bit, until you're proud of your work, then update this thread, rmba, don't make a new one.

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