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    My first hilarous pivot video

    Uhhh,my first hilarous vid?
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    Omg an http://darkdemon.org/viewtopic.php?f...55286#p1355286 Link!

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    Re: My first hilarous pivot video

    Requesting lock to this thread
    or this thread, viewtopic.php?f=2&t=75863.

    Also for the animation, I'm sorry I'd probably give low-beg. It was a little bit random and when the guy was using the spell or whatever the rest of his body was still. There was no Easing either. Practice things like walking, running and fighting first. Also remember the tutorials. Everyone will say use Darrens but remember there are also other tutorials.
    However, I think it's good you tried your hand at effects and using a background.
    Well done and keep practicing.

    He wasn't joking.
    Toasts tried to avoid his ban by double accounting some more. As such Toasts will never be coming back. Rejoice, one and all.

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    Re: My first hilarous pivot video

    You made two topics for the same animation...


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