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Thread: My animation's

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    My animation's

    I am Ninjafishy.
    As below here I look organised :P
    I am new to DarkDemon.org and pivot.
    My goal is to get Intermediate so is every other Begginner wants.
    I will need all of your surport and love
    I have made alot of test's and i think
    im good at it now.

    Begginer : 28/04/10
    Intermediate : --/--/--
    Veteran : --/--/--
    Elite : --/--/--

    First Parkour.

    More will be here.

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    Re: My animation's

    Nice work there but yo should ease the run and continue it.
    [center:2icle7vm][Youtube|Darren's Tutorial]


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