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    A Anim Battle at Stickpage

    i was doing an animation battle with deathwish
    i havent comltly edited it yet but, here is the rough copy

    oh and if you dont get the beggings DW stands for Deathwish

    Animation Removed - Unsafe for all users.

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    dude that wrong.........try not do sick anis like that (-cool_) and it was very choppy, look at lf2 spacing tut. also put all your anis in this thread. If you make anny mor I will lock them.


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    OKay, keep all of your animations in 1 thread. That animation was kinda choppy, your walking need a lot of work and so do your movements. Check out the tutorial section. :])

    to that other bit well, umm that was... a bad addition to a great pile of cow sh1t, and I dont plan on stepping in it again!

    SX, edited your 2 posts in to one post : )

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    Really thats just sick, you need to get out more.

    Alittle Tip----------------------

    ** General Note, Lets keep your animation list tidy and clean, and updating links in your new posts not just saying check my new animation out, This may not apply to you its a general notice.


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    lol, I didnt really get it that much, and the walking was bad and choppy it was = )
    lol I like that show Dilbert, Dogbert is awesome on that show = )
    lol It got deleted ))(*
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