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Thread: Wobz

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    So here you are my good friends. My first animation up on DD. I'll supply a little background at how I started animating.

    So back in 2007 I believe it was, I was looking for a program that I could record animation with. Of course, I clumsily stumbled upon Pivot. I believe my first few animations were just some guy jumping on floating platforms, going through 'levels.'

    So I continue to use pivot, but never really improved, and quit near the end of '08. I never touched it until Early 2009, when I decided to get back into it. I signed up on Droidz and was stuck at medium begginer for like 4 months, and I just lost hope. So I quit. 2010 starts, and I get back into it, and I find DarkDemon.org. I don't sign up for a LONG time, and I just feed off of the tutorials, for a long time. I didn't want to be a med beginner anymore aha, and now I see that the standards have risen. Alot. So I finally decided to sign up, delete all my old Pivot Animations, and Start Fresh, with this one right here.
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    Re: Wobz

    You are pretty good but you need to loosen up the movements a bit more to get high begginer, right now ur borderz high begginer
    I needs to be ranked

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    Re: Wobz

    wow looks pretty good only real advice i can give you is sometime your foot placement can be shaky, otherwise good job
    Courtsey, just a simple click on the link

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    Re: Wobz

    Medium beg i say, the ground shake is too brutal and the physics isn't good, read phoenix's tut for learn a bit more physics, courtz me plz
    I'm Brazilian, sorry for my bad english XD


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