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    n/a noob showoff thread

    [center:3imhqhzg]It's been maybe a year since I last animated. I'm thinking about comeing back, how am I?[/center:3imhqhzg]

    [center:3imhqhzg]First animation on DD wootz[/center:3imhqhzg][center:3imhqhzg][spoiler:3imhqhzg][/spoiler:3imhqhzg][/center:3imhqhzg]

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    Re: n/a noob showoff thread

    its too stiff. work on easing and you need to have some flow. look at some tuts for help and u will get better. low begginer. work on the basics before u use effects. courtesy?

    btw your effects are good.


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