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    Shadow's pivot tests

    Hey all, I'm new here so, yeah. I really like pivot and plan to be an animator when I get older. So I saw this forum and decided to try out. I looked at some tuts here, and they were all good. But I simply couldn't follow them, so I just basically looked one up on youtube. It turned out pretty good, and my video of me testing out the kick/punches is below:


    Anyways, I have 2 more videos I would like to share, but first I know that they're choppy. I'm working on easing and everything, and I still need a main character, or a "My" character. So you can comment on whether they suck or not, because I know they are :P.

    So, if you think this is an alrightish animation, tell me so I should post my other 2 which are probably worse but like 4x as longer.

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    Re: Shadow's pivot tests

    low big
    try to ease it and keep one foot in the same spot


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