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Thread: rank ?

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    rank ?

    ok i know i was being stupid saying was i interz so i know that im porbably low / med begginer
    heres an anim i knocked up in 30 mins[attachment=0:1yjkzbmh]ummm med begginer.gif[/attachment:1yjkzbmh]
    my thread


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    Re: rank ?

    Dewd..post all ur animations in 1 thread

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    Re: rank ?

    Quote Originally Posted by Animator4fun
    Dewd..post all ur animations in 1 thread
    Read Plan B's tutorial on posting a thread T_T and still low beginner. Keep trying though, and dont say youre anything like high or medium beginner, let other people tell you.
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    Re: rank ?

    sorry man, but you're low beginner, its very stiff and choppy and it doesn't flow very well, and you should work on physics and movements, i would suggest checking out some tutorials in the tutorial section or maybe get a mentor. Also try moving every joint in each frame, so it's so stiff and don't ease when alternating from one movement to another because it seems stop n go.
    I hope I helped.
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