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Thread: What Rank Am I?

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    What Rank Am I?

    Here are all of my animations
    Please Rank Me
    And i'm a med-high beg in pivotland.

    Smooth Running:

    Smooth Running 2:

    Smooth Walking:

    Rock Test:

    Red vs Blue:

    Avatar Water Bending:

    Punch, Turn and Kick:

    I'm really good in effects

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    Re: PivotPryite's Thread

    Anyone, please read my thread.

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    Re: What Rank Am I?

    Your best animation was the punch turn and kick one because it was eased better than the others
    but the when the stick kicked it looked weird

    Everything else,not so much

    be sure to move every joint in every frame
    so that i will look better
    and if it looks too slow,speed up the fps rate
    IF you are using pivot 3

    To me,movements are the only thing that's worth ranking
    Med beginner.
    Make the animation a bit longer then you'll be high beginner

    (Its commenting on the thread of the one who said courtesy in case you don't know)
    my thread:http://darkdemon.org/viewtopic.php?f=2&t=74152

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    Re: What Rank Am I?

    Yes Sir
    i shall get to buissness


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