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    A short thing I made

    Dagger fight. I messed with the frame delay to make it look better because I have a method that looks choppy if you dont mess with it.

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    Re: A short thing I made

    extra-low begginer u r <??>
    My Thread.Newest Animation: TDJ123: Part 1
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    Re: A short thing I made

    Quote Originally Posted by TDJ123
    extra-low begginer u r <??>
    Don't comment if your going to be an ass, and not help. Its not like he deserved that.

    Anyways, you need to get a hold of the basics, movement, spacing, easing, etc. Work on the movement definitly, that's the first thing, notice in your animation, how the movements seem slow and laggy, you understand. How the figures jump around, and not flow and aren't smooth.

    Easing is a simple, but hard concept, but yet not impossible. Here's a diagram.
    | = frame
    - = spacing


    Notice how the movements starts slow, and picks up spacing, but then slows down agian. That's easing. Simple Concept.

    Now, I'm probably not doing a great job at explaining this, but here, this guy has made a great tutorial for beginners, all the way to veterans and elites.
    Darren's Tutorial


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