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Thread: :P

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    IDK wat to name this


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    Re: :P

    I liked the blackscreen red slashes effect along with the beam, it was all very simple, yet not that bad, though everything needs a lot of work, the animation is stiff, choppy, physics are unrealistic and the easing... well... there is none... i reccomend checking out the tutorial section, bahamut's tutorial is great for beginners
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    Quote Originally Posted by Lithium
    Niki's was awesome, the objects used in the animation were awesome and nicely done.
    Quote Originally Posted by Nutcracker
    I really hope that Niki gets intermediate when he posts the animation on his thread. He deserves it just as much as me.
    Quote Originally Posted by .Gay Black Superman.
    Niki's was amazing. It was like Vigilante at first, but it got better. That was a really top quality animation. I hope he gets inter.
    Quote Originally Posted by BolteuZz
    Yeah Niki's job was amazing, i love it too !
    Quote Originally Posted by Tasty
    Hot damn Niki, Your BBODD2 Was excellent.

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    Re: :P

    What Niki said. Work on easing and check out Bahas tutorial. I recommend heavy spacing until you get the hang of easing.


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