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    Regular Member PsychoNoiz's Avatar

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    Jan 2010
    New Zealand

    PsychoNoiz's Thread (100% Organic Cotton)

    [center:yyp7hi7q]Hey, I am PsychoNoiz; Loyal slave of Damon, willing student of Oblivion. I am here to grow and advance in my skills, to prove myself worthy of the higher ranks, and to prove myself to the world.

    Please Note!
    I am here to advance in skill and etc, so in your posts, please tell me where I am wrong,
    my mistakes and most importantly, HOW I can fix these problems. I already have OblivionFall
    working with me personally, but its good to get multiple perspectives on these things.

    Newest Animation
    Second Assignment - Tau Running Combo
    Oblivion let me go freestyle with this, but still gave me some pointers along the way.
    I was having kind of a stab at Cronos style, I actually think it was pretty decent

    Best Animation
    Tripods - Lets Roll >

    Beginner Animations

    Shitty Base, Shitty Test
    Oblivionfall challenged me to make animate with a shit base.
    Piv - Gif

    Marine Run - Unfinished
    Fuck me and my lazy ass, no sword to show
    Piv - Gif

    Hat Test
    Over a Year old, but still pretty good
    Piv - Gif

    Quick Fight
    I made this over a year ago... Fuck
    Piv - Gif

    - Special Thanks to OblivionFall for helping me design and create my thread.
    - Another Special thanks to Adam for this site and Pivot up - Keep Rofling!!!

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    Enthusiast OblivionFall's Avatar

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    Dec 2008

    Re: PsychoNoiz's Thread (100% Organic Cotton)

    As Expected, I am your first poster. You already know what I think, but I will make it clearer for everyone else.

    The only thing you need to do for improvement is to improve your poses. You have the basic concepts of easing sorted, and your stiffness is very much improved, but your poses are sometimes quite bad. I cant blame you for your newest though, I forced you to use that shitty base

    All you really need is to start using sticks that change lengths in limb (For a 3D effect), this can help reduce shakiness, seriously improve your poses and generally look awesome. Don't overdo this though, just small changes are all you need during a run or punch or something. Keep the spacing the same, DO NOT slow it down just to make the 3D more obvious, that is noobish and ghey.

    Anyway, Ill give you some more advice in person next week. Until then, Keep shocking it!

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    Fanatic Enthusiast Luke's Avatar

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    Sep 2009
    Auckland, New Zealand

    Re: PsychoNoiz's Thread (100% Organic Cotton)

    Check out PivotElites tutorials on YouTube, they helped me alot, and they might help you to get the poses right.
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    Enthusiast Orange's Avatar

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    Dec 2007

    Re: PsychoNoiz's Thread (100% Organic Cotton)

    You need to work on stiffness above all else at the moment IMO. Your newest for example, the run, is eased into pretty well but when it gets going the back hardly moves at all, the same goes for the arms.
    I think you might need some work on your running in general, there are millions of tutorials for running in the tutorials section so take a look there. Obviously you've got an excellent animator as a mentor which should help you out a lot.
    Your tripod animation again was pretty stiff, if you had trailed the joints in the onion skin a little more that might have gone a long way to work that out. Keep it up man, keep animating and I'm sure you'll improve quickly.
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    Orange's thread

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    Senior Member Maestro's Avatar
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    May 2010

    Re: PsychoNoiz's Thread (100% Organic Cotton)

    good job with your animation, i can see that oblivion is training you well. your newest run is probably your best. the stick was nicely eased into the run, and it had good flow. the foot placement was off though, you might want to pay closer attention to that. also for the flip he should have been a little bit more bent over, and he should have tucked his legs. good job though, i can see that your getting better quickly!

    I walk with a limp like an oldschool pimp.

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    Regular Member Hendelse's Avatar

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    Jan 2008

    Re: PsychoNoiz's Thread (100% Organic Cotton)

    med beg i think. I like the newest animation, but the flip is to fast.
    Sorry for uber bad english, i am from Norway!


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    Regular Member jdogg's Avatar
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    Jun 2010

    Re: PsychoNoiz's Thread (100% Organic Cotton)

    I think you are heavy spacing a bit much, and you are afraid to too very heavy spacing. You physics are off, the stick always comes down a bit fast, but your pretty good.
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    Old Newbie Reaction's Avatar
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    Sep 2010

    Re: PsychoNoiz's Thread (100% Organic Cotton)

    Good, but stiff. Try to ease some more and make it more smooth.
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