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    Krawnik's Thread.

    [center:3hbtsmn5] Rofl-Copter.[/center:3hbtsmn5]
    [center:3hbtsmn5] 2nd Anim.[/center:3hbtsmn5]
    [center:3hbtsmn5] Run Test. Not Much.[/center:3hbtsmn5]

    [center:3hbtsmn5]Thats All For Now![/center:3hbtsmn5]
    [center:2ivovr2g]I'm so cool ice cubes are jealous.[/center:2ivovr2g][center:2ivovr2g][/center:2ivovr2g]

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    Re: Krawnik's Thread.

    Ok. You need to make some more animations for me to rank you yet, but the running test was pretty good. If you make more, I'll see them and rank you.
    My thread.
    I'm walking on sunshine, WO-OAH!
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