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Thread: My Creations

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    My Creations

    [center:i0fddrob]Hey, I'm new to pivot so give meh some suggestions - here they are.
    Ill be updating videos every once and a while - so enjoy :)[/center:i0fddrob]



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    Re: My Creations

    Choppy= Without Easing
    Stiff = Without moving ever joint in the frames with the moving
    In my opinion, you shouldn't add that black thing at the beginning of the animations. Just change the colors to gray, dark gray, then black. Okay blurs but if you want the gun scences to be more realistic, add bullet caps droping to the floor. You should also ease and space more. Like the animation when the stickman punches then falls. It went really slow and it took forever for him to fall. You should have spaced it. This is spacing...
    This is Easing

    Keep working and download higher animator's .piv files so you can do what they did.See ya.
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    Re: My Creations

    stiff and slow. ur transperency is kinda slow but its pretty cool. I know u didnt ask for a rank but your low begener in my opinion but it looks like your putting alot of time in your animations and thats great.


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