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    Rank me? slightly fixed/edited

    Welcome to my thread .
    <-- edited the front flip and the twitch on "jac"
    click here for download

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    Re: Rank me?

    Sorry But it seems kinda stiff. If you use a 2 or 3 joint back stick, then curve the back. If not try to make one. Courtesy?

    Oh Sorry For not ranking at first. Umm......... low beginner because like i said the stick is stiff

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    Re: Rank me?

    liitle stiff. watch ur foot placement that was a big fault
    nice colouring but at some backgrounds
    low-med beginner
    courtasy retourned

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    Re: Rank me?

    After the character lands he rotates just a tiny bit. Put clarity into your poses and never be lazy with a pivot animation. Know what you want the character to do rather than just coming up with it as you go. Following through can land you in some bad areas.

    Either way, I am the laziest guy and you don't wanna be me.

    You're a beginner and that's why you're here.
    Yo. Expecting something interesting to read?


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