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Thread: Agenor's Thread

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    Agenor's Thread

    Hello DarkDemon! I am Agenor. Although my brother is a Veteran here, I am not following in his footsteps, animation is just a hobby I have, I am not serious about it, I just try and have fun. For those of you who do not already know, I am 10 years old, so I get my older brother, OblivionFall, to do my BBcode and thread organization for me

    I don't really upload gif files much, because I use massive
    frame dimensions, and I get gif rape from it :/

    Newest Animation
    Abes Oddysee Parody
    A short animation about the failures of Abe, the Mudoken.
    I'm going to make it a bit longer in the near future

    Piv File

    Favorite Animation
    The Pam Series - pt4
    The Fourth addition of The Pam Series, it is advisable to watch the older
    episodes before watching this, as the storyline may be confusing.

    Piv File

    The Pam Series
    Episode Four
    Episode Three
    Episode Two
    Episode One

    Other Animations
    The Crystal Adventure (Incomplete)
    Shipwrecked! (Incomplete)
    Ballet of Family Affairs

    Thanks to Oblivion for making my thread for me!

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    Re: Agenor's Thread

    Horray for my little sister!!! Keep getting better than me, you little shit XD


    I love you sis, keep those animations coming. Its great to see you back into Pivot again

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    Re: Agenor's Thread

    you're oblivio's sister right? keep pracicing, i dont know wether your purly making these animations out of fun or if you want to be ranked but if you do want to get better, i would read some tutorials.


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    Re: Agenor's Thread

    welcome to darkdemon,
    its worth you reading some tutorials or getting me and Chris to teach you some stuff.

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    Re: Agenor's Thread

    Welcome to DD. If you want to be ranked, I'd say Low-Beg but you're still good for a beginner, you have great ideas, also it's pretty cool that you've already have a series.

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    Re: Agenor's Thread

    ._. ...
    you animate just like your bro, OblivionFall, when he was beggining Pivot.

    credits to insertstupidusernamehere for the signature

    PM me if you want courtesy.


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