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    Old Newbie Koopatroopa's Avatar
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    Sep 2010

    KoopaTroopa | Inter TryOut

    KoopaTroopa's Thread
    Will return courtesy if the comment has a bit of effort in being constructive.

    First update!

    10/05/10|Updated Joint with Archangel, though It's no longer a joint. 69 frames.
    9/30/10|A very small kick combo.
    9/29/10|First Update! Joint with ArchAngel 31 Frames so far


    It WAS a joint with Archangel, but he hasn't said anything for a week now so it's a solo-project now. I plan it to be of decent length, as I'll be using it as an intermediate try out.

    Inter Try Out (so far)]
    Kick Combo, kinda fail
    Joint with ArchAngel|No longer a joint!

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    Fanatic Enthusiast Pinkot's Avatar

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    Aug 2009

    Re: KoopaTroopa | Inter TryOut

    you have some very nice moves and the movments are smooth and not stiff, plus they flow very well, but i thought when you slowed down for the kick you slowed down a little too much and there werre some small sakes in the legs a one point,(when the light grey guy punches the other guy after being kicked)but its very unnoticable, though maybe its just me.
    i think you have the potential and you're a great animator, if you make something longer with some effects or something you could definately get interz. im gonna say you're borderline intermediate.



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