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    A little walking update.

    I've been practicing my walking quite a bit lately, soon I'm gonna move on to running cause I'm trying to get the basics down.

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    lol are you sure you wanna know where? :P

    Re: My big bag of anims :p RANK MEH!

    the bleach is low beg u really need to improve on easing and stiffness
    the stickman's punch and kick was a little better tho
    id give tat one a low-med beg ;D

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    Re: My big bag of anims :p RANK MEH!

    Okay for most of your Bleach animations I see a lot of shakyness, stiffness, and I don't see smoothing or easing, so I say Low-Beg for those, but in your new one I see improvement and I see stuff like easing and stuff, the only thing I would make better would be the foot placement, so for that animation I would give you a Med-Beg rank.

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