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    Screenies - Bad Quality

    [center:3vrktqih]WELCOME TO WISP'S THREAD
    You may Comment, and give CC, but dont spam. Rate them if you want, i dont care.

    Newest Anims
    Cheftality Demo Fail

    Anims (from oldest to newest)

    Cheftality Demo fail - Piv - Aah, 92 frames of failage
    Continue and Post 2 - Piv
    Aotw17 (Blobs) - Piv -116 frames animating these angry little mezzlers! :P
    I LIEK JUMPING - Piv - Thanks Seizure Man for inspiring me to make a stepping stone based anim
    Elements - Piv - Dont hate it, i worked on it pretty hard. Also, it is my first anim to have a teaser trailer for it.
    Bo staff - Piv -All sticks made by me, inspired by Conor
    Heavy Objects Kill (Aotw13) - Piv - My Aotw13, i was really impressed in the outcome (:
    Box -Just about everyone has done it :S
    BAT finale - Fullsize Gif - Piv -A long awaited anim. Lots of work there.
    Basics - Piv -Just for Huw :3
    Interz attempt Number # I-Lost-Count Piv -Meh, old but i think its good :]
    Fisitcuffs - Piv to be released
    1 on 1 - Piv Used paint for a quick bg
    Exaggerate - Piv - All stks made by me
    Flow -Piv - Some flowly shit dawg
    No Onion Skin - Piv - No onion skin is haard!
    Omega Test - No Piv - New stk alert!
    Rustbreaker - Piv - Credz to Conor
    Walrus - Eztoon - A simple Eztoon
    Fancy - Fancy effects
    Inter? - Meh, i tried
    Kick and Run - Piv Kick,and Run, man, Run!!!
    Stykz - Piv (Need Stykz for this) A kick in Stykz made at midngiht
    Hawt - Piv Some hot movements and some effects
    Greyscale - Piv My biggest anim ever, long and decent : D
    Limbs - Piv - A real short animation, i made for fun, and to cover up showing Greyscale late :3
    Karate - Piv - Just a karate thang.
    Base Test - Piv - Using Conors Base. I love it :3
    Brawl - Piv - One of my best, a good 'o one on one[/b][/center:3vrktqih]

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    in my chair?

    Re: Screenies - Bad Quality

    Low beginner. Fix your stiffness, move every joint in every frame. You have creative and original ideas, but the animations are stiff and choppy. Look at some tutorials, they're a lot of help. Courtesy?
    I like to type in bold, bitch!


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    Re: Screenies - Bad Quality

    Low beginner. Huh, well, i wouldnt be so burtal ;/



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