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    106 is fumpin', pumpin' up in this hoe, for sho, my bro

    Fraz_mctags small ani.

    heres is a small animation. Do you think im close to interz? please comment.



    Oh yeah, I joined darkdemon because of Fraz is a total homo. He is soo funny, and I would totally not run away from his cooties, but instead stick my wiener in his pooper.
    [center:3mdlh4lx]Fuck you. Cunt.[/center:3mdlh4lx]

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    Up the creek without a job. :(
    Noice animation ! I really like it but , no it's not good enough for Inter. . It also went really fast try to fix that up . Also , for the sake of our Dial-Up user's , I'd post links to your animations instead of useing the [ IMG ] tags .
    Thanks for the avatar/Signature, Ober.

    Amigo, the only thing in this world that gives orders is balls. Balls. You got that?
    Quote Originally Posted by Simon
    Simon - 300 is the sexiest film i've ever laid eyes on says:
    M'kay... looks so god damn sexy
    BloodyBuddy says:
    Yes, Trogan men were so sexy.
    Simon - 300 is the sexiest film i've ever laid eyes on says:
    Yeah, specially in their tight pants...


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