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Thread: Im newish

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    Im newish

    hey guys here just help me out with anything posibble.

    Heres an animation LoL


    I dont know if u can rate this but teach me how u do those

    here's a newER animation thats just a really short easing test.

    I also have this other animation that's basicly the continuos of the previous one.
    All I really want you to look at right now is the kick and a bit of the landing. k?.



    Anyway tell me if im improving at all since my first animation.
    low beg ,med beg or high beg .

    Lol I dont really care that much about my profile I just go on pivot or youtube whenever i'm bored or whatever.

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    Re: Im new

    Low beginner, it's better than most begginers but you gotta get easing.

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    Re: Im new

    in between of low beg and med beg. needs easing .here's a tutorial http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2cxQeRzG1KU happy animating!

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    Re: Im new

    that wasnt very smooth..it was choppy..please..mainly work on your smoothnes..
    [aka=the speed of your movement in the stick joint..and how good it looks..err..yehh]
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    Re: Im new

    ok, your really new to pivot, so, like most beginners, you have problems with easing. easing is when you move your stickfigure with proper spacing. so you would start off by moving your stickfigure a very small amount, and then you would move him a little bit more and so on. like this. |-|--|---|----|. pretend that all the horozontal lines i typed represent frames. then, at the end of the movement, you would slow the spacing down like this |----|---|--|-|. hope that helped!
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