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    Doom's Animation

    Someone tugs you, and said to follow. You follow him until you reach STICK K.O.

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    Waiting for someone to open my inter door...
    ALL of em need a lot of work. the blood doesnt start at their head, and starts like 5 inches away, and the gunshots are kinda weird. on ur newest, the guy just pops outta nowhere when panning, then pops INTO nowhere when panning back. that really needs fixing. (just so u kno, use the scroll on your mouse to scroll between figure types, on screen or off, then just choose center to get them back in the screen). also, any time that u panned, the people would move up and down and the guns would stay still, or sumtin like that. that needs work too. try to use a normal line for the blood, not a triangle too. Finally, they were pretty shakey so that needs some smoothing out. Wait one more, the shadowing seems to be missing the lighter grey color... so fix that too.

    Hang arouns the tut section for a bit, but ull get the hang of it! (and say army dide got pwned, not army dude got pwn...)

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