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    The cave -intro-

    idk if this is a good start for an animation so before i do the entire thing, i decided to show every one this short preview. please let me know if it is worth finishing. i was planning on having several people try to compleate this course and since it is very small, when he leaves the room, he would end up in a different one.[youtube:uvou5x6s]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-xM6OyGBBXo[/youtube:uvou5x6s]

    any one have any info on how to make the video faster? i saved the pivot in a bitmap (*.bmp) file and took all of the frames and put them into windows movie maker....i don't know of any other way of getting the video with out using a screen recorder and recording it while it's playing in the pivot program....please help me out. i know there is a way to use a Gif (*.gif) but i don't know how. i read somewhere saying that i use a website like **********, but on the forum, it won't let you put an image flock link....please help!

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    lol are you sure you wanna know where? :P

    Re: The cave -intro-

    lol alright ill hlp u ^_^
    see look when u finish making a pivot animation sav it as a piv file so that u can use it l8r
    then if u wanna upload as a gif file go to the pivot file
    and then click on "file" >>>then>>> "save animation" then type a name and then ull c a bar below the name bar it says
    "save as type" >>>>>click it>>>> then ull see a scroll down menu
    u will see
    save as type: Pivot file
    animated GIF

    ok now ull get a menu if u use pivot 3 ull get alot of stuff
    just unpick merge and palette and then RESIZE to 90% and thensuper sample "4"
    and then click ok
    and ur done ^_^
    can u please GIVE ME COURTZ? ?? ( i saw ur video and commented now its ur turn :d)
    go over here viewtopic.php?f=2&t=81081


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